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Oh Snap the movies of 2013!

So you all know I'm a big "nerd" some might even say "geek". I love my comic book movies and sci-fi movies! So when the new "Star Trek Into Darkness" trailer came out I was so excited!! I was even to the point of making sure this was one of the few films I made sure I got off my lazy butt and will go to see, no playing WOW or MWO!!

It seems the movie studios have had a thing that they call good timing because I have two, that's right two more movies to drool at while making time fly at work! "After Earth" with Will Smith and son  Jaden Smith take on a earth that let's just say doesn't much like humans anymore, I think this might be another good example of how if your genes are good you can work together? I know I'm shoveling pretty deep here but this look on par with their other movie, "The pursuit of Happiness" 

I'm also checking out this "Man of Steel" thing that looks like a Superman movie, yeah I know what it is, but it's a different way of telling this story I'm just jumping out of my blue and red tights to see this. Note: I have never worn these to work and will not so don't ask! On a happier note I think I can be sure this is a Superman that will be looked upon for many many days to come.


Oh Snap Show #021

This week we go off the rails and take the no format approach, we did a google handout! We talk about fart shoot outws, urinal cakes that talk to ya and soo much more!



Oh Snap Show #018!


Oh Snap Show #017


Oh Snap Show #016

On the  Oh Snap Show!" me and Kieth talk about getting out of jail and having to write book reports, Doctors claim to have found the G-spot and bad ideas, like leaving your homework at the crime scene!!