Just me much fun..really...NOT!!


Oh Snap, Getting back to me.

Hello friends and family and readers, I know I have not written a post in a while. I’ve been trying to get this blog to cover all the other things I'm doing in life. Playing music and streaming video games that type of shit, so I'm just going to ramble on a few about my feelings in the next couple of paragraphs. 

       It's been over 8 years since I lost my Dad and I think I can now start to feel ok with celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas again. It’s not like I get all moody and just get complete , “Hum-Bug” about but it just hasn’t been the old crazy me putting on the Santa hat right after Thanksgiving and trying to make people laugh the rest of the year me.

       I think now for my kids and grandkids I’m going to slowly get back to that happy go lucky, crazy self again.

       So that’s it I’m done being all moody from now on and I’m going to get back to me.


Oh Snap Show EP.3 The Game!!


Oh Snap game Show EP2: We Have the Meats!!

This week things get out of hand when we describe what can happen to a women after being pregnant. I love you honey it's all in good fun!!



Oh Snap Game Show EP1: "Tep's Red Hot Nipples" 

1st episode of the video game show with my friends in "The Hands Of Fate" Guild. This time we are playing Diablo 3 and running some rifts but the convo has taken an unexpected turn when Tep mentions his red hot nipples.